How to load sklearn Boston Housing data?

How to load sklearn Boston Housing data?

How to load sklearn Boston Housing data?

This recipe helps you load sklearn Boston Housing data

This data science python tutorial does the following: 1) Shows different types of dataset available in Sklearn 2) Seperating the feature metrics and target column while loading the dataset 3) How to find size of feature and target matrix
In [1]:
## How to load sklearn Boston Housing data 
def Kickstarter_Example_21():
    print(format('How to load sklearn Boston housing data', '*^72'))

    # Load libraries
    from sklearn import datasets

    # Load Boston Housing Dataset
    boston = datasets.load_boston()

    # Create feature matrix
    X =
    print(); print(X.shape);

    # Create target vector
    y =
    print(); print(y.shape);

****************How to load sklearn Boston housing data*****************

(506, 13)


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