How to Plot a date time plot in plotly?

How to Plot a date time plot in plotly?

How to Plot a date time plot in plotly?

This recipe helps you Plot a date time plot in plotly


Recipe Objective

How to Plot a date time plot in plotly.

In plotly it is possible to plot a date time plot, which is called as Time series and Date axes. Time series can be represented using eigther plotly express functions which are px.line,px.scatter and etc or else we can also use plotly graph objects function for plotting for e.g go.scatter, etc.

Step 1 - Import library

import as px

Step 2 - load Dataset

Sample_data = Sample_data.head()

Step 3 - Plot graph

fig = px.line(Sample_data, x="date",y="AMZN") fig2 = px.scatter(Sample_data,x="date",y="GOOG") fig3 =, x="date",y="NFLX")

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