How to reindex Pandas Series and DataFrames?

How to reindex Pandas Series and DataFrames?

How to reindex Pandas Series and DataFrames?

This recipe helps you reindex Pandas Series and DataFrames

This python source code does the following: 1.Creates your own data dictionary and converts it into dataframe 2. Imputes the missing values 3. Re-indexes your dataframe
In [1]:
## How to reindex Pandas Series and DataFrames
def Kickstarter_Example_101():
    print(format('How to reindex Pandas Series and DataFrame','*^82'))

    import warnings

    # load libraries
    import pandas as pd

    # Create a pandas series of the risk of fire in Southern Arizona
    brushFireRisk = pd.Series([34, 23, 12, 23],
                              index = ['Bisbee', 'Douglas',
                                       'Sierra Vista', 'Tombstone'])
    print(); print(brushFireRisk)

    # Reindex the series and create a new series variable
    brushFireRiskReindexed = brushFireRisk.reindex(['Tombstone', 'Douglas',
                             'Bisbee', 'Sierra Vista', 'Barley', 'Tucson'])
    print(); print(brushFireRiskReindexed)

    # Reindex the series and fill in any missing indexes as 0
    brushFireRiskReindexed = brushFireRisk.reindex(['Tombstone', 'Douglas',
                            'Bisbee', 'Sierra Vista', 'Barley', 'Tucson'],
                            fill_value = 0)
    print(); print(brushFireRiskReindexed)

    # Create a dataframe
    data = {'county': ['Cochice', 'Pima', 'Santa Cruz', 'Maricopa', 'Yuma'],
            'year': [2012, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2014],
            'reports': [4, 24, 31, 2, 3]}
    df = pd.DataFrame(data)
    print(); print(df)

    # Change the order (the index) of the rows
    print(); print(df.reindex([4, 3, 2, 1, 0]))

    # Change the order (the index) of the columns
    columnsTitles = ['year', 'reports', 'county']
    print(); print(df.reindex(columns=columnsTitles))

********************How to reindex Pandas Series and DataFrame********************

Bisbee          34
Douglas         23
Sierra Vista    12
Tombstone       23
dtype: int64

Tombstone       23.0
Douglas         23.0
Bisbee          34.0
Sierra Vista    12.0
Barley           NaN
Tucson           NaN
dtype: float64

Tombstone       23
Douglas         23
Bisbee          34
Sierra Vista    12
Barley           0
Tucson           0
dtype: int64

       county  year  reports
0     Cochice  2012        4
1        Pima  2012       24
2  Santa Cruz  2013       31
3    Maricopa  2014        2
4        Yuma  2014        3

       county  year  reports
4        Yuma  2014        3
3    Maricopa  2014        2
2  Santa Cruz  2013       31
1        Pima  2012       24
0     Cochice  2012        4

   year  reports      county
0  2012        4     Cochice
1  2012       24        Pima
2  2013       31  Santa Cruz
3  2014        2    Maricopa
4  2014        3        Yuma

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