How to remove all variables from a session in R?

How to remove all variables from a session in R?

How to remove all variables from a session in R?

This recipe helps you remove all variables from a session in R


Recipe Objective

Variables are used to store data in any programming language. They are the named spaces in the memory which can referenced and manipulated later in the code.

This recipe specifically deals with how to remove all variables from the session

Step 1: Assigning three variables

Assigning values with three different data types to variables

a = 'hello' b = 3.5 c = as.integer(8.9)

We use cat() function to print the variables to check whether assignment was done or not

hello 3.5 8

Step 2: removing variables

We use rm() function to remove variables while the arguement "list = ls()" will make sure all of the variables are removed from the list. ls() gives the list of all the variables in the session. This would also remove functions assigned in the session.

rm(list = ls())

To check whether the variable is removed or not, we use cat() function

Error in cat(a): object 'a' not found

1. cat(a)
Error in cat(b): object 'b' not found

1. cat(b)
Error in cat(c): argument 1 (type 'builtin') cannot be handled by 'cat'

1. cat(c)

Hence, we can conclude that all the variables have been removed in the session

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