How to standardise features in Python?

How to standardise features in Python?

How to standardise features in Python?

This recipe helps you standardise features in Python

This python source code does the following: 1. Implements Standard Scaler function. 2. Creates your own numpy feature matrix. 3. Imports necessary modules and libraries from sklearn.
In [1]:
## How to standardise features in Python 
def Kickstarter_Example_40():
    print(format('How to standardise features in Python', '*^82'))
    import warnings

    # Load libraries
    from sklearn import preprocessing
    import numpy as np

    # Create feature
    x = np.array([[-500.5],

    # Standardize Feature
    # Create scaler
    scaler = preprocessing.StandardScaler()

    # Transform the feature
    standardized_x = scaler.fit_transform(x)

    # Show feature
    print(); print(x)
    print(); print(standardized_x)

**********************How to standardise features in Python***********************

 [   0. ]
 [ 100.1]
 [ 900.9]]

 [ 0.0436852 ]
 [ 1.79109332]]

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