How to use Dask with TQDM library?

How to use Dask with TQDM library?

How to use Dask with TQDM library?

This recipe helps you use Dask with TQDM library


Recipe Objective

How to use Dask with TQDM library.

TQDM is a package that is used for iterations. TQDM shows the progress bar while implementing it with Dask. They both together can do iteration process more easily and makes it less frustrating when dealt with bigger datasets.

Step 1- Importing Libraries

from dask import delayed,compute from tqdm import trange from time import sleep

Step 2- Using Dask and TQDM together.

From Dask we are using delayed and compute function with trange function from tqdm.

list= [] x=10 for i in trange(x): list.append(delayed(x)(i)) print(compute(list))

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