How to use for loop with dask for parallel processing?

How to use for loop with dask for parallel processing?

How to use for loop with dask for parallel processing?

This recipe helps you use for loop with dask for parallel processing


Recipe Objective

How to use for loop with dask for parallel processing.

We will transform the function inc to be used parallely with the help of dask delayed, and we will show you the visualizaion of the for loop to understand parallel working of it.

Step 1- Importing Libraries.

from dask import delayed

Step 2- Defining a function.

We will define a incremental function which will increase the value by 2 in a for loop.

def inc(x): return x + 2

Step 3- Applying delayed.

We will apply dask delayed in the for loop to run inc function parallely. data = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] results = [] for x in data: y = delayed(inc)(x) results.append(y)

Step 4- Displaying results.

We will print the results of calculating addition and final computing.

addition = delayed(sum)(results) print("Before addition:", addition) calculate = addition.compute() print("After calculating :", calculate)

Step 5- Visualizing

Visualizing the whole addition process that was done in parallel.


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