How to use for loops in R?

How to use for loops in R?

How to use for loops in R?

This recipe helps you use for loops in R


Recipe Objective

How to use a for loop in R? Loops are used to execute a particular block of code for a specified number of times for a given condition. The execution depends on boolean conditions—if the condition is true, the loop continues to execute, but if the condition is false, the loop breaks out of the execution. A for loop executes for an exact defined number of iterations and hence is called a 'definite loop' This recipe demonstrates an example of a for loop.

Step 1-Create a vector

a <- c(1:10)

Step 2- Use for loop

When the for loop is executed,following result is executed.

for (i in a) { i=i*2 print(i) } # here the loop executes the values in the vector for a given condition
"Output of the code is"

for (i in a) {
} # here the loop executes the values in the vector for a given condition 
"Output of the code is " 
[1] 2
[1] 4
[1] 6
[1] 8
[1] 10
[1] 12
[1] 14
[1] 16
[1] 18
[1] 20 

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