How to use seaborn to visualise a Pandas dataframe?

How to use seaborn to visualise a Pandas dataframe?

How to use seaborn to visualise a Pandas dataframe?

This recipe helps you use seaborn to visualise a Pandas dataframe

In [2]:
## How to use seaborn to visualise a Pandas dataframe
def Snippet_111():
    print(format('How to use seaborn to visualise a Pandas dataframe','*^82'))

    import warnings

    # load libraries
    import pandas as pd
    import random
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    import seaborn as sns

    df = pd.DataFrame()
    df['x'] = random.sample(range(1, 50), 27)
    df['y'] = random.sample(range(1, 100), 27)
    print(); print(df.head())
    print(); print(df.tail())

    # Scatterplot
    sns.lmplot('x', 'y', data=df, fit_reg=False)

    # Scatterplot with regression line
    sns.lmplot('x', 'y', data=df, fit_reg=True)

    # Density Plot
    sns.kdeplot(df.y, df.x);

    # Histogram
    plt.hist(df.x, alpha=.3)

    # Boxplot
    sns.boxplot([df.y, df.x]);

    # Violin Plot
    sns.violinplot([df.y, df.x]);

    # Heatmap
    sns.heatmap([df.y, df.x], annot=False, fmt="d");

    # Clustermap

****************How to use seaborn to visualise a Pandas dataframe****************

    x   y
0  32  72
1  27  58
2  42   7
3   5  55
4  45  68

     x   y
22   9  94
23  20  16
24  13  62
25  22  78
26  44  15

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