What are dask arrays and how are they different from normal arrays?

What are dask arrays and how are they different from normal arrays?

What are dask arrays and how are they different from normal arrays?

This recipe explains what are dask arrays and how are they different from normal arrays


Recipe Objective.

What are dask arrays? How are they different from normal arrays.

DASK arrays are a collection of large or small arrays with N number of dimensions. These arrays are put in the grid of blocks for better understanding.

A sequence of chunk sizes along each dimension called chunks.

The conventional method of representing Dask arrays, by referring to each block of the array with a tuple of the form (name, i, j, k), with i, j, k being the indices of the block ranging from 0 to the number of blocks in that dimension. The Dask graph must hold key-value pairs referring to these keys.

How are Dask arrays different from normal arrays.

Dask Array executes a subset of the NumPy array interface. It uses blocked algorithms to process the data,It cuts the large array into many small arrays. This lets us compute on arrays larger than memory using all of our cores.

Showing how to Import DASK arrays.

import dask.array as da

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