What does make_blobs function do in dask?

What does make_blobs function do in dask?

What does make_blobs function do in dask?

This recipe explains what does make_blobs function do in dask


Recipe Objective

What does make_blobs function do in dask?

BLOB stands for *Binary Large OBject*. It is a data type that can store binary data. BLOB is generally a collection of large complex data in the Database.

The make_blobs() function sometimes can be used to generate blobs of points with a Gaussian distribution. You can control how many blobs to generate and the number of samples to generate.

It can be used to generate a large number of arrays on a cluster of machines.

Step 1- Import Libraries.

#! pip install dask_ml from dask_ml.datasets import make_blobs

Step 2- Creating Libraries.

X, y = make_blobs(n_samples=100000, chunks=10000) X y

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