What does next function do in loops?

What does next function do in loops?

What does next function do in loops?

This recipe explains what does next function do in loops

Recipe Objective

What does the next function do in loops ? Loops are used to execute a particular block of code for a specified number of time for a given condition. If the user wants to skip the current iteration in a loop and jump to the next iteration without terminating out of the loop, the next () function can be used. next function can be used inside a for loop as well as in a while loop. This recipe demonstrates an example of the next function using a for loop.

Step 1 - Create a vector

a <- c(1:10)

Step 2 - Using next()

Once the for loop begins , and the next function is found, the next() skips that iteration and jumps to the next iteration.

for (i in a) { if (i==3) { print("skip this and next",i) next } print(i) }
"Output of the code is :"
 "skip this and next"

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