What is dendrogram in plotly?

What is dendrogram in plotly?

What is dendrogram in plotly?

This recipe explains what is dendrogram in plotly


Recipe Objective

What is dendrogram in plotlty, explain with example?

Dendrogram a tree digram representation is done by this, from figur factory we can use dedrogram by calling "create_dedrogram" which will result in tree output representation. The values on axis of tree depth are corresponding to the distance between clusters.

Step 1 - Import libraries

import plotly.figure_factory as pff import numpy as np

Step 2 - Take Sample data

data = np.random.rand(5,5) names = ["James","Heena","Vidhi","Aron","Simon"]

Step 3 - Plot graph

fig = pff.create_dendrogram(data, orientation="left",labels=names) fig.update_layout({'width':1000, 'height':700}) fig.show()

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