What is %in% operator?

What is %in% operator?

What is %in% operator?

This recipe explains what is %in% operator


Recipe Objective

What is %in% operator? A %in% operator identifies whether an element is present in a given vector / Dataframe or not. It returns a logical output i.e TRUE value when the element is present or FALSE when not present. This recipe demonstrates an example of %in% operator.

Step 1- Define a vector a

a <- c(1:10) print(a)

Step 2 - Use the %in% operator

3 %in% a
 "Output of the code is TRUE"  
15 %in% a
 "Output of the code is FALSE"  

Step 3 - Define a dataframe

df <- data.frame(student_name = c('U','V','X','Y','Z'), grade = c('AA','CC','DD','AB','BB'), math_marks = c(40,80,38,97,65), eng_marks = c(95,78,36,41,25), sci_marks = c(56,25,36,87,15)) print(df)
 "Output of the code is" : 

  student_name grade math_marks eng_marks sci_marks
1            U    AA         40        95        56
2            V    CC         80        78        25
3            X    DD         38        36        36
4            Y    AB         97        41        87
5            Z    BB         65        25        15

Step 4 - Use the %in% operator for a dataframe

Use %in% operator to create a new variable in the dataframe and check the condition on garde as YES and NO

df1 = within (df,{ good_grade='NO' good_grade[grade %in% c('AA','AB','BB')]='YES' good_grade[grade %in% c('CC','DD')]='NO' }) print(df1)
 "Output of the code is" : 
  student_name grade math_marks eng_marks sci_marks good_grade
1            U    AA         40        95        56        YES
2            V    CC         80        78        25         NO
3            X    DD         38        36        36         NO
4            Y    AB         97        41        87        YES
5            Z    BB         65        25        15        YES

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