What is a parquet data and How to read parquet data with dask?

What is a parquet data and How to read parquet data with dask?

What is a parquet data and How to read parquet data with dask?

This recipe explains what is a parquet data and This recipe helps you read parquet data with dask


Recipe Objective.

What is a parquet data? How to read parquet data with dask?

In layman language A parquet is a open source file format that is designed for efficient and flat columnar storage format of data compared to row based files like CSV or TSV files.

parquet format works with the complex data in bulk features different ways for efficient data compression and encoding types.

#!pip install dask[dataframe]

Step 1- Importing Library

import dask.dataframe as dd

Step 2- Reading the parquet file.

df = dd.read_parquet('data/2000-01.parquet', engine='pyarrow')

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