What is partial_fit in dask?

What is partial_fit in dask?

What is partial_fit in dask?

This recipe explains what is partial_fit in dask


Recipe Objective.

What is partial_fit in dask?

In Sci-kit Learn, we have a *partial_fit* API to feed the data in an estimator that can be fit in the batches. When we pass a Dask array into an estimator the array gets converted into a large NumPy array, but in a single machine, RAM is most likely to crash. So, **dask_ml.wrappers.Incremental** makes a route between Dask and Scikit-Learn estimators which support partial_fit API.

Dask-ML sequentially passes each block of a Dask Array to the underlying estimator’s partial_fit method.

The whole training method is sequential

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