What is Scatterplot matrices in plotly?

What is Scatterplot matrices in plotly?

What is Scatterplot matrices in plotly?

This recipe explains what is Scatterplot matrices in plotly


Recipe Objective

What is Scatterplot matrieces, explain with example.

Scatterplot Matrix these are the matrix which are associated to "n" numerical arrays for e.g X1, X2, X3... and so on. These numerical arrays are nothing but the data variables, which are of same length. The cell (i,j) of the matrix displays a scatter plot of variables Xi, and Xj.

Step 1 - Import the libraries

import plotly.express as px import seaborn as sns

Step 2 - load the sample data

Sample_data = sns.load_dataset("penguins") Sample_data.head()

Step 3 - Plot the graph

fig = px.scatter_matrix(Sample_data, color="species", dimensions=["bill_length_mm","bill_depth_mm","flipper_length_mm"]) fig.show()

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