How to write to json file using Dask?

How to write to json file using Dask?

How to write to json file using Dask?

This recipe helps you write to json file using Dask


Recipe Objective

How to write json file using Dask.

We can create many random sets of recorded data and store it to disk as many JSON files

Step 1- Importing Libraries.

import dask.bag as db import json

Step 2- We will read the files.

We will be processing the data by filtering out those required records of interest, by using mapping functions over the processed data.

b = db.read_text('data/*.json').map(json.loads) b ``` dask.bag ```

Step 3- computing the json file.

json_data = dd.read_json(self.input_s6, orient='columns').compute()

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