Sivannarayana Konidena

Sivannarayana Konidena

Hadoop Developer and Admin at Mashreq Global Services
Big Data and Hadoop Certification Training
Before DeZyre:
Systems Engineer
The introduction of the course and all the topics taught in the DeZyre's Hadoop course is practical and well thought out.

DeZyre: Can you take me through your career path and what steered you towards Hadoop?

Siva: I started out as a technical consultant in Hinduja Global Solutions. Then I joined Mashreq Global Services in 2015 as Systems Engineer. While working in the financial sector, I realised the enormity of the data we deal with everyday. If you do not work in the Finance sector, you will not know how complex financial data can get and how voluminous it is. I had come across Big data analytics many times, and with our company using Hadoop, I finally made the decision to learn it.

DeZyre: So you chose to learn Hadoop because of the kind of data you work with at your bank?

Siva: Yes. See, Banks deal with a lot of data, which is mostly complicated. It is well known that Hadoop is the most popular tool in dealing with Big Data. In the banking sector, everyday we come across big transaction data which deals with debit cards, credit cards, cancellations, account close ups, account opening, etc.

Our Bank deals with a lot of customers daily and the goal is to give them the best banking service. Not only us, every bank will need to do this kind of minute analysis for say retail banking and corporate investments. For our customers, when we are releasing any campaign for any kind of investment opportunity, we should be able to identify the best banker. So for these kind of analytics, fraud analytics, risk analysis etc. Big Data analysis is the best way to go, instead of fundamental data logic.

DeZyre: How are you using Hadoop in your current role?

Siva: In our bank there we use Hadoop for data extraction and data manipulation. So the course was useful for understanding the underlying concepts in Hadoop - importing, exporting data, data manipulation using Hadoop command lines. These tools, although they were useful for learning Hadoop, we use separate tools to implement this - like BigInsights, similar to us, other companies also use their own tools for implementation of big data applications.

It would have been better if we could have some customized classes on these different tools and also after the course, I would have liked some direction on how to frame my resume for a Hadoop developer role.

DeZyre: How was your experience with the Hadoop course at DeZyre?

Siva: The course was excellent. Also the introduction of the course and all the topics taught in the DeZyre's Hadoop course is practical and well thought out. The projects mentioned in the course curriculum was good and the support provided therein was also promising.But the conclusion to the course could have been better by giving examples of how people are using it in real time.

DeZyre: Why did you choose DeZyre for Hadoop training?

Siva: You had excellent reviews and your support at the time of enrolling for this course was very good. If I want to take up any other course in the future, my first choice would be DeZyre. Your support was excellent.

DeZyre: Before taking up this Hadoop course at DeZyre, did you use any material to learn Hadoop?

Siva: No, I did not learn Hadoop from anywhere else. I just had a layman's idea of the technology before.

DeZyre: What other tools, other than Hadoop are you using at your company?

Siva: We only use BigInsights for big data analysis.

DeZyre: Lastly, do you have any tips for anyone who wants to learn Hadoop?

Siva: I would say that for freshers this technology might not be suitable. I am not saying that only working professionals can do this course but someone who is learning Hadoop should first understand why are they learning this and what this technology will achieve. Analyzing and sorting data will not be very understandable to freshers, as they have to understand the big data that they are working with first.