DeZyre Reviews: IBM Certified Hadoop Training

DeZyre Reviews: IBM Certified Hadoop Training

One of the most frequently asked question from potential DeZyre Hadoopers is can they talk to some of our current students to understand how good the quality of our IBM certified Hadoop training course is. Since we have a strict policy of not sharing our student’s contact details, we have brought you the next best thing-DeZyre Reviews.

DeZyre Reviews – Testimonials from our Top Hadoopers

DeZyre relentlessly is on the verge of improving its review process and policies for the courses offered. DeZyre reviews will help students make well informed decisions before they enrol for the hadoop training. DeZyre reviews will help in providing the prospective students with a glimpse of exemplary method of teaching at DeZyre.

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DeZyre Big Data Hadoop Training Reviews

Anastasia Reitz-Hadoop Developer, Northrop Grumman

"I had a great experience with DeZyre and I appreciate the patience of the presenter in answering all my questions. Overall, the sessions were great. I worked hard in that class and was present every week. I've taken what I've learned as a cloud developer and built several HDFS systems on Red Hat LINUX; as well as writing many MapReduce applications. Great class! Thanks so much! GOD's blessings to DeZyre, in helping other seasoned developers achieve their goals."


Dezyre Hadoop Training Reviews

Chip Grandits-CTO, CCIT

“I remember, my faculty was Sandeep and he is one of the best instructor I have known. He has a good grasp over all the topics. I felt very comfortable in his class."


Michael Campbell- Data Analyst at Alteryx Inc. 

"I have just accepted a nice new job at Alteryx, Inc. I have successfully made a switch into Data Analytics. Thanks to DeZyre and your efforts in the Big Data and Hadoop course to help make that possible. Several of the topics covered came up in the job interview. Your extraordinary efforts to accommodate students with different background was notable. The faculty was good, had an excellent knowledge. He kept us focused in what we were doing. He addressed my questions on time. Also, I have taken 2 batches, both the instructors were great."

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Dezyre Hadoop Training Review for the Batch May 10th, 2015

DeZyre Big Data Hadoop Training Reviews

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  • Karan is a good instructor, knowledgeable and very polite. Sometimes he does talk fast but I try to understand.
  • It was a good start. Hoping to see lot of in depth analysis and use cases for better understanding.
  • Mainly since it is intro session, discussion was mostly about info already in public domain - I am confident following sessions will dive deeper.
  • All good.
  •  Very informative! So far so good.
  • A Q/A tool on the toolbar can help both the instructor and student in tracking which questions are answered and which are parked... this communication helps to avoid interruptions in the class, and also prompts instructor to ensure all questions are answered - either in the session, or offline. Hope this feedback helps!
  •  Very informative, a lot of information is coming in. Good stuff!
  • Good so far!

Dezyre Hadoop Training Review for the Batch May 2nd, 2015

  • I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Shobhan for assisting me through the Hadoop course and certification. I learned a lot, and am very grateful for the patience and openness you have shown during this time. I am very excited to finally be completing the course and the certification, and I think the skills I have gained from it will be very helpful moving forward. I look forward to finally getting the certificate, and will display it with pride and gratefulness.
  • As compared to the quiz, much of the presentation was too general. Many points on the quiz were not covered in course materials or external links in the presentation.
  • More technical than basic, as basic as like what is big data go too much stretched.
  • We all know there is big data out there. That's why we subscribed. Bring the subject on 1 slide to make sure we're all on the same page. But we don't need to spend 20 minutes on that concept. Pace is too slow. I assume it will pick up when we dig into actual example. Actual concepts about the basic Hadoop architecture as how it distribute blocks of files across different nodes, rack awareness, what happens when a node goes down were not included in that section. That would have been more appropriate.

Dezyre Hadoop Training Review for the Batch April 26th, 2015

  • When you discuss about the questions, can you show question panel, so that we can see the questions and other people thoughts in a more visualized manner.
  • Today I learn more, I feel much better on listening. Thanks!
  • Good Session.
  • Excellent explanation of the core components and the processes. However, with 30 students you really need to control the questions. The answers are taking up too much time and if the student simply waits or thinks about it, the answer will come. Too much time is being wasted on tangentials.
  • Other than the voice not being audible in the beginning of the session. This session was actually very interesting.
  • Very good session.
  • Much better question control during this session. In a classroom people can gauge the appropriateness of a question, but with everyone on-line, it is easy to ask a question without realizing it is slowing down the class. Great that the instructor pooled the tangent questions to the end. It is more important to get through the material so we do not have to rush through at the end.
  • Keep it up.
  • I would like to have the presentations handy before the session. That ways somebody could print the presentation and make the notes on them itself.
  • Very Good session... Great hands on..provided the commands..did not spend much time on whys...One improvement, while interesting, the history of Hive or for that matter any of the modules is not important at all.. For example I do not care about the history of Java, Oracle, DB2, Autosys, Cron, Unix.. you get the idea. The history is unimportant...Yet very good class today.
  • It was pretty good and intense. Need to do a lot for practice
  • Right pace.
  • A recap of all the concepts learned in the class could help to summarize and get a good revision.
  • No complaints, session was good with good explanation at good pase.
  • Good session. However, when someone wants to know about a different format like Avro, best to save till the end. Spent about ten minutes on Avro, when should have used the time for Oozie. Also, should incorporate the commands, sqoop, flume into the slides instead of a separate file.
  • Going a step further explaining core concepts

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Dezyre Hadoop Training Review for the Batch March 29th, 2015

  • Karan did a great job. Very motivated and committed to our progress. My thought is that I wish I had signed up early enough to do Java tutorial before the class started. I did both the Java and Python classes during the Hadoop class and I fell behind in the practical. Fortunately you have all the videos online so I am in the process of catching up with the practical exercises. Just would have been more efficient and less stressful to have done the python and Java courses first. My lesson learned.
  • Karan is one of the finest instructor I have met, He has made sincere and honest effort to introduce and make us understand the new concepts. The way he teaches and gives the assignments, one bounds to learn. His knowledge, clarity and authority over the subject is admirable. I feel fortunate to learn Big Data from Karan. He is Rajnikanth (Eternal Superstar) of BIG DATA!!!! :-)
  • I was fortunate to have Karan as our teacher and mentor for this Hadoop course. The course includes all the fundamental Hadoop ecosystems lessons from conceptual to sample practical demonstrations on how to run and utilize each of the Hadoop related technology in an actual simulated environment.
  • The materials that Karan shared throughout the 17 courses are indispensable. He encouraged us to continue to stay active during the class. Thank you for mentoring, teaching and supporting us.
  • I am pretty happy to find an instructor like Karan at DeZyre and he helped understand the concepts very easy with examples and sample code. He also made us to read extra materials which are helpful. Also, he answered all the questions posted with my satisfaction. Overall, all the concepts are clear and crisp. He is really a great tutor which every learner want to interact well.

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Disclaimer- All DeZyre reviews updated in this article are as we received them from our Hadoopers. None of the DeZyre reviews have been edited or changed in anyway.

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