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NLP Projects

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Each project comes with 2-5 hours of micro-videos explaining the solution.

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NLP Projects


In this NLP AI application, we build the core conversational engine for a chatbot. We use the popular NLTK text classification library to achieve this.

In this machine learning resume parser example we use the popular Spacy NLP python library for OCR and text classification.

In this data science project, you will learn how to perform market basket analysis with the application of Apriori and FP growth algorithms based on the concept of association rule learning.

This project analyzes a dataset containing ecommerce product reviews. The goal is to use machine learning models to perform sentiment analysis on product reviews and rank them based on relevance. Reviews play a key role in product recommendation systems.

In this Kmeans clustering machine learning project, you will perform topic modelling in order to group customer reviews based on recurring patterns.

The goal of this NLP project is to predict which of the provided quora question pairs contain two questions with the same meaning.

Natural Language Processing Projects in Python/R

Why you should work on ProjectPro's Mini Projects on NLP?

More than 3 billion people are using apps like SnapChat, Facebook, WeChat, and  WhatsApp,  all these messenger apps allow companies to engage with their customers in a more personal way. 64% of customers believe that a company should be easily contactable on messaging application, making it important for the organizations to incorporate a chatbot with the effective use of natural language processing (NLP). According to a survey by popular freelancing website Upwork, NLP tops the list of fastest growing skills in the global job market. The demand for people who can program computers to understand human speech has increased by more than 200%. From this it is clearly evident that working on ProjectPro’s interesting NLP projects will help you master the natural language processing skills required to get you hired at one of the top tech companies.

Who should work on ProjectPro’s Natural Language Processing Projects ?

  • Students or Beginners who want to learn various natural language processing and text mining techniques can benefit from these simple NLP projects.
  • Anyone who wants to understand the basics of natural language processing can benefit from ProjectPro’s NLP mini projects.
  • Data engineers, data analysts, data scientists and machine learning engineers who want to master natural language processing skills.

Key Learning’s from ProjectPro’s Natural Language Processing Projects

  • Master cutting-edge natural language processing techniques to process speech and analyse textual data.
  • Learn basic text processing fundamentals through these beginner level NLP projects.
  • Learn to develop models on information retrieval and natural language applications.
  • Learn to apply NLP techniques to practical problems like sentiment analysis, fraud detection and more.
  • Work with textual data to discover, sentiments, statistics, and important keywords.

What will you get when you enrol for ProjectPro’s NLP Projects?

  • Natural Language Processing Projects Source Code -Examine and implement end-to-end real-world interesting and simple NLP project ideas.
  • Recorded Demo – Watch a video explanation on how to execute the project.
  • Mentor Support – Get your technical questions answered with mentorship from experienced industry experts for a nominal fee. Just in case you are stuck working on any of these NLP projects, our industry experts will be happy to guide you through the projects. This can be availed by opting for the mentorship track for each project where you can post your queries to the instructor and have a healthy discussion on the same.
  • Complete Project Solution Kit – Get access to the dataset, solution, and supporting reference material, if any , for every NLP project.