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Deep Learning Projects


Build your own image similarity application using Python to search and find images of products that are similar to any given product. You will implement the K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm to find products with maximum similarity.

In this project you will use Python to implement various machine learning methods( RNN, LSTM, GRU) for fake news classification.

Use the Adult Income dataset to predict whether income exceeds 50K yr based on census data.

Deep Learning Project- Learn to apply deep learning paradigm to forecast univariate time series data.

In this human activity recognition project, we use multiclass classification machine learning techniques to analyse fitness dataset from a smartphone tracker.

In this deep learning project, we will predict customer churn using Artificial Neural Networks and learn how to model an ANN in R with the keras deep learning package.

Deep Learning Project using Keras Deep Learning Library to predict the effect of Genetic Variants to enable personalized Medicine.

In this project, we are going to predict item-level sales data using different forecasting techniques.

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Deep Learning Projects for Students/Beginners

If you are a student or a deep learning beginner, then work on deep learning projects that try to leverage your deep learning skills diversifically and solve real-world use-cases that interest you the most. Our industry experts recommend following deep learning projects for beginners to get started with deep learning-

  1. Time Series Forecasting with LSTM Neural Network Python
  2. Sequence Classification with LSTM RNN in Python with Keras
  3. Predict Census Income using Deep Learning Models
  4. Deep Learning with Keras in R to Predict Customer Churn
  5. Personalized Medicine: Redefining Cancer Treatment