Free Hadoop Online Training Resources

Free Hadoop Online Training Resources

In our earlier articles we had mentioned how popular Hadoop is becoming and the huge job opportunities that are out there. IT professionals must learn Hadoop online to gain expertise knowledge in Hadoop skills. Prospective Hadoopers can hone their Hadoop skills with intensive research and practice on real time hands-on project. There are several free Hadoop online training resources available to help professionals learn about Hadoop basics. Most of the free Hadoop online training resources available online are not vendor specific as the fundamental and the basic concepts of the Hadoop landscape are same for all the vendors. The only thing that varies is the toolsets with each of them having their own extended features and functionalities.This article explores the free Hadoop online training resources that will help hadoop beginners get an idea of the hadoop ecosystem.

Gartner predicts 6 million big data jobs to be generated in US for 2015. Are you ready to take a deep dive into the big data pool? The free Hadoop online training resources can help a newcomer get started on learning Hadoop. However, to master the concepts and gain expertise in practical implementation of the hadoop framework, it is suggested that professionals should commit to a formal Hadoop online training course.

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Best Big Data Hadoop Training Free Resources  

For all the IT professionals looking to gain knowledge about Hadoop basics, they can jumpstart learning Hadoop by referring to these best free Hadoop online training resources-

1) Cloudera

There is a recorded six part webinar series from Cloudera on Hadoop Essentials that talks about Apache Hadoop distribution, support and services, how Hadoop addresses various large unstructured data set issues and how Hadoop deals with large scale computing systems.

Sarah Sproehnle, senior director of educational services at Cloudera, recommends a video titled Introduction to Apache MapReduce and HDFS for users interested to learn Hadoop. The video clearly explains how MapReduce and HDFS components work collectively to build a scalable and powerful system.

For professionals who prefer to learn Hadoop with a document rather than a video tutorial, Cloudera’s Hadoop Tutorial refers to the user-facing features of the Apache Hadoop MapReduce framework.

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2) YouTube

There are thousands of videos online related to Hadoop and MapReduce concepts. Professionals can search on YouTube for related videos by making use of the important Hadoop ecosystem terms like Hadoop,MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HDFS, YARN,etc. By learning Hadoop through YouTube videos, professionals can see and hear the same concept in multiple that will help them get a better grasp of the Hadoop basics. YouTube is a very good platform that helps professionals learn the basic concepts of Big Data like- what is big data, what is Hadoop, etc is.


3) Big Data University

Hadoop Reporting and Analysis resource by Big Data University helps training professionals in building their own Hadoop reports by making use of various technologies like Hive, HBase. This resources helps professionals guide in choosing different reporting techniques like indirect batch analysis, batch reports and live exploration.

4) Hadoop Online Tutorials Website has several tutorials that will help you learn Hadoop online. The tutorials clearly explain how one can move files to Hadoop, create tables, run queries, and search for workflows, schedule workflows, secure workflows and clean tables.

5) IBM Open Source Big Data for the Impatient

This is a remarkable free Hadoop training resource initiative by IBM. This PDF document highlights about the worked examples of Big Data and Hadoop. The technical write-up guides the professionals to use a Cloudera Hadoop Virtual image to get hands-on experience working on examples of Pig, Hive, Sqoop, and Oozie. This document is available to users in various languages Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese and English.

To get started with Hadoop, Download Free Hadoop PDF

6) Apache Hadoop Wiki

The right way to learn Hadoop basics is to visit the official documentation and tutorials website of Apache Software foundation. The user guide and the administrator guide can be accessed for free. These resources are updated every now and then so that professionals can learn about the rich evolution of the Hadoop framework. The official Hadoop user’s documentation has everything about Hadoop coding syntax, troubleshooting and cluster setup.

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7) MapR Academy

MapR Academy has a huge library of webinars that cover a wide range of subject areas related to Apache Hadoop framework. The webinars are developed in a manner that will encourage you to lead on the path of becoming a certified Hadoop professional by committing to a Hadoop online training course and acquiring a Hadoop certification from MapR technologies.

8) Hadoop Users LinkedIn Group

This LinkedIn group is an active information sharing resource on Hadoop. The users exchange a deluge of free Hadoop training information here and also guide others if they are held back with implementation of any of the Hadoop features and functionalities.

Watch out this space for more updates on free hadoop online training resources.

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Build projects in Big Data and Hadoop

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Airline Dataset Analysis using Hadoop, Hive, Pig and Impala
Hadoop Project- Perform basic big data analysis on airline dataset using big data tools -Pig, Hive and Impala.

Finding Unique URL's using Hadoop Hive
Hive Project -Learn to write a Hive program to find the first unique URL, given 'n' number of URL's.

Implementing Slow Changing Dimensions in a Data Warehouse using Hive and Spark
Hive Project- Understand the various types of SCDs and implement these slowly changing dimesnsion in Hadoop Hive and Spark.

Spark Project-Analysis and Visualization on Yelp Dataset
The goal of this Spark project is to analyze business reviews from Yelp dataset and ingest the final output of data processing in Elastic Search.Also, use the visualisation tool in the ELK stack to visualize various kinds of ad-hoc reports from the data.

Hadoop Project-Analysis of Yelp Dataset using Hadoop Hive
The goal of this hadoop project is to apply some data engineering principles to Yelp Dataset in the areas of processing, storage, and retrieval.

Data Warehouse Design for E-commerce Environments
In this hive project, you will design a data warehouse for e-commerce environments.

Tough engineering choices with large datasets in Hive Part - 1
Explore hive usage efficiently in this hadoop hive project using various file formats such as JSON, CSV, ORC, AVRO and compare their relative performances

Data processing with Spark SQL
In this Apache Spark SQL project, we will go through provisioning data for retrieval using Spark SQL.

Yelp Data Processing using Spark and Hive Part 2
In this spark project, we will continue building the data warehouse from the previous project Yelp Data Processing Using Spark And Hive Part 1 and will do further data processing to develop diverse data products.