Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities Explained

Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities Explained

A lot of people who wish to learn hadoop have several questions regarding a hadoop developer job role -

DeZyre industry experts say that Hadoop Developer Job role is similar to a technical software programmer’s job role, it is not necessarily easy, but if you are smart and have willingness to learn hadoop then of course you can keep up with Hadoop developer job responsibilities. In our earlier post, we have listed out the various job roles available for hadoop professionals : Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Administrator, Hadoop Architect, Hadoop Tester and Data Scientist. Many DeZyre students looking to make transition into big data hadoop careers often want to know in detail about the hadoop developer job roles and responsibilities before they enrol for a hadoop training. Here’s a blog post that answers the question and details out the job responsibilities of a hadoop developer.

Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities

Who is a Hadoop Developer?

“A Hadoop Developers job role is a similar to that of a software developer but in the big data domain. A Hadoop Developer is a professional responsible for programming hadoop applications and knows about all the components or pieces of the Hadoop Ecosystem , understands how the hadoop components fit together and has the ability to decide on which is the best hadoop component for a specific task.”

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Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a hadoop developer depend on the position in the organization and the big data problem at hand. Some hadoop developer might be writing complex hadoop MapReduce program, some might be involved into writing only pig scripts and hive queries and running workflows and scheduling hadoop jobs using Oozie.

The main responsibility of a hadoop developer is to take ownership of data because unless a hadoop developer is familiar with data, he/she cannot find what meaningful insights are hidden inside it. The better a hadoop developer knows the data, the better they know what kind of results are possible with that amount of data. Concisely, a hadoop developer plays with the data, transforms it, decodes it and ensure that it is not destroyed. Most of the hadoop developers receive unstructured data through flume or structured data through RDBMS and perform data cleaning using various tools in the hadoop ecosystem. After data cleaning, hadoop developers write a report or create visualizations for the data using BI tools. A hadoop developer’s job role and responsibilities depends on their position in the organization and on how they roll all the hadoop components together to analyse data and glean meaningful insights from it.

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What does a Hadoop developer do on a daily basis?

  • Install, configure and maintain enterprise hadoop environment.
  • Loading data from different datasets and deciding on which file format is efficient for a task. Hadoop developers source large volumes of data from diverse data platforms into Hadoop platform.
  • Understanding the requirements of input to output transformations.
  • Hadoop developers spend lot of time in cleaning data as per business requirements using streaming API’s or user defined functions.
  • Defining Hadoop Job Flows.
  • Build distributed, reliable and scalable data pipelines to ingest and process data in real-time. Hadoop developer deals with fetching impression streams, transaction behaviours, clickstream data and other unstructured data.
  • Managing Hadoop jobs using scheduler.
  • Reviewing and managing hadoop log files.
  • Design and implement column family schemas of Hive and HBase within HDFS.
  • Assign schemas and create Hive tables.
  • Managing and deploying HBase clusters.
  • Develop efficient pig and hive scripts with joins on datasets using various techniques.
  • Assess the quality of datasets for a hadoop data lake.
  • Apply different HDFS formats and structure like Parquet, Avro, etc. to speed up analytics.
  • Build new hadoop clusters
  • Maintain the privacy and security of hadoop clusters.
  • Fine tune hadoop applications for high performance and throughput.
  • Troubleshoot and debug any hadoop ecosystem run time issues.

Required Skillset to become a Hadoop Developer

Now since you know what the job responsibilities of a Hadoop developer are, it is the time to hone the right skills and become one.

  1. The most obvious, knowledge of hadoop ecosystem and its components –HBase, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, etc.
  2. Know-how on the java essentials for hadoop.
  3. Know-how on basic Linux administration
  4. Analytical and problem solving skills.
  5. Business acumen and domain knowledge
  6. Knowledge of scripting languages like Python or Perl.
  7. Data modelling experience with OLTP and OLAP
  8. Good knowledge of concurrency and multi-threading concepts.
  9. Understanding the usage of various data visualizations tools like Tableau, Qlikview, etc.
  10. Should have basic knowledge of SQL, database structures, principles, and theories.
  11. Basic knowledge of popular ETL tools like Pentaho, Informatica, Talend, etc.

The job responsibilities of a hadoop developer listed above are commonly performed tasks and it is not necessary that every hadoop developer would be involved in all the above listed functions. The job role of a hadoop developer abides by the organization’s business plans, size of the organization and the team, the domain of organizations, etc. These job responsibilities of hadoop developer will paint a clear picture on the skills that is required of a Hadoop developer

Here is the job description for a hadoop developer with the title  “Super Hadooper”. The below picture shows what would be the job responsibilities of a Hadoop developer at LiveRamp and what will be his daily tasks –

Hadoop Jobs


 Let’s take another big data developer job description and look at the job responsibilities –

Hadoop Jobs in USA

From the above two job descriptions for hadoop developer, it is clearly evident that the job responsibilities vary based on the organizational requirements and the project needs. The first hadoop developer job highlights implementing algorithms and working with a large distributed systems as a primary responsibility whereas the second hadoop developer job posting is more focused on ETL and database development.


The career path to become a hadoop developer is not a walk in the park. Professionals have to learn Hadoop and about the various components in the hadoop ecosystem, learn basics of Linux, learn java essentials for hadoop, and most important – gain hands-on project experience on working with hadoop. This takes effort, time and investment but what you treasure at the end of this journey is quite rewarding. There are many resources you might useful for learning Hadoop – blogs, tutorials, and online hadoop training. If you already know Hadoop then a great way to get started on real world data problems is to enrol for hadoop hackathons. If you enrol for a Hackerday with a peer or friend, it is twice the fun to learn.



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