Data Science Project on Wine Quality Prediction in R

Data Science Project on Wine Quality Prediction in R

In this R data science project, we will explore wine dataset to assess red wine quality. The objective of this data science project is to explore which chemical properties will influence the quality of red wines.


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What will you learn

Data Exploration
Asking the right questions for analysis
Data Visualisation
Applying regression models

Project Description

In this data science project, we will explore wine dataset for red wine quality. The objective is to explore which chemical properties influence the quality of red wines. As interesting relationships in the data are discovered, we’ll produce and refine plots to illustrate them.

We will learn how to ask the right questions for data analysis at certain points in the project. Finally, we would learn how to storyboard our analysis to create a final picture from our work to help decision makers understand how wine qualities were influenced.

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Curriculum For This Mini Project

Why we're using R and its benefits
Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis
Exploring the key components of a dataset
Data Munging
Introducing the dataset and problem statement
Univariate Plots Section
Analysis of Plots
Introduction to Boxplots
Correlation and Bivariate Analysis
Linear Model and Support Vector Machine Introductions
Multivariate plot building and storyboarding
Summarizing and beautifying the story