Difference between Tally and SAP

What is the difference between TALLY ERP and SAP ? SAP is also very famous now a days and is costly than TALLY. So does SAP provide any better feature than TALLY ?

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Tally is a basic ERP software where as SAP is advanced ERP software.
Both of them started their journey as an Accounting software in the year 1986 and 1972 respectively. Both of them has their own strength and weakness.


SAP is a Walldorf, Germany based company. SAP is not much user friendly.
Learning SAP is very difficult and costly affair.
It is a Three tier (R3) database technology completely based on coding.

There are mainly three different types of ledger namely General Ledger, Customer Ledger and Vendor Ledger in SAP.

Separate business transactions is required to be setup for petty cash implementation in SAP.

Posting document requires passing through various screens and control which makes data entry a bit lengthy and complicated. Where normal Debit and Credit is controlled by posting key.


Tally is Bangalore, India based company. Tally Software is absolutely user friendly. Learning Tally doesn't require any costly training.
It is code-less ERP System developed with a core proprietary engine and a Software Development Kit namely Tally Definition Language (TDL)

In Tally as many ledger types as required be created. It works on parent child relationship concept and not on control account concept.

In Tally Petty cash journal gets created based on voucher type used for recording transaction therefore no such separate business transaction setup is required.

Data entry is done through single data entry screen named as Voucher Entry screen which is very fast and user friendly. Simply works directly with Debit = Dr and Credit = Cr.