Is there any inventory report that shows both Groups and Categories together?

I am not sure how many of you will agree with me, but I think the usefulness of Tally's parallel stock classification feature (via Groups and Categories) is of most use when we can see stock items from both views SIMULTANEOUSLY.

For e.g. we are in the (imported) furniture business and we have, say two brands, NEOCE (Korea) and HERMAN-MILLER (USA) each providing Stackable Chairs. Using Tally's inventory module I create a Primary Group of SEATING and a Secondary Group called Stackable Chairs under it. Next (as I also want to associate these Groups/Sub-Groups with the two brands ) I create two Primary Categories of HERMAN-MILLER (USA) and NEOCE (Korea).

The problem is that if I want a report that shows SIMULTANEOUSLY how many and what kind of Stackable Chairs are available under each of the two brands I cannot get this information from Tally.......UNLESS......I indulge in some sort of data redundancy and also create a Stackable Chairs Secondary Category under each brand (or Primary Category).

So I will be doing double work creating the same sub-groups in GROUPS as well as CATEGORIES and that not efficient. Does anyone know if there is any report that combines GROUPS and CATEGORIES in Tally ERP 9 and gives you simultaneous info for both??