How to calculate additional interest for Dominos

Hi Binny,

In Advance income statement quiz From the Dominos Pizza Income Statement (in the video), how much additional interest expense does Dominos pay in 2009 compared to 2008?

Rs. 40.84 million - Correct I didn't get the answer how you arrived to this as there was no interest expense mention on income statement of dominoz pizza so i took finance charges 2008 & 2009 difference comes to 18.65 approximate.

Please advise


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Siddharth, You are right - finance charges is the same as interest expense. Your got 18.65 since you too the financing charges for the quarters. You should take the finance charges for the entire year (98.95-58.11 = 40.84). For easy reference the income statement is on page 12 of this document -