Issue starting Cloudera Manager for the first time

Hello Everyone,

When starting Cloudera Manager for the first time it does not proceed past the following message; any ideas on what I should do to resolve this?

Please wait while Cloudera Manager starts services. You will be forwarded to the login page when your cluster is ready.

I installed CDH4 within VMware Workstation.

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Problem solved as follows...

I checked the scm server logs in /var/log/cloudera-scm-server/

The following ERROR is what I found in: cloudera-scm-server.log

Unable to retrieve remote parcel repository manifest java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException:

What this ERROR means is that I could not get out to the internet to required sites.

Bottom line is that I needed to set up a bridged network in my VM
I needed to configure my eth1 network connection IPv4 Settings for my network.

Now I get the message…

Information Asurance Policy

The Cloudera QuickStart VM has been configured as a single-node cluster with Cloudera Manager. You can login to administer this cluster with the username 'cloudera' and the password 'cloudera'.


My Cloudera Manager Services screen comes up without issue.


hi Rob,
Thanks for the update, glad to see that the VM is up and working now.