Using Putty with newly created VM

I don't seem to be able to get Putty to SSH into the newly created VM in VirtualBox. I have assigned the IP per the lab.

Must be a VirtualBox-specific issue.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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hi Edurado,

One way to access VM through Putty is to enable "Port Forwarding". Click on the VM and go to Settings ->Network->Port Forwarding.

Please try this and let us know if this works.



This was due to my lack of understanding on how VirtualBox works.

At work, due to firewall settings, VirtualBox only works with NAT. In this case, I seem to be able to Putty to it by using the IP reported for VirtualBox under Windows with 'ipconfig'. Not the IP reported by ifconfig under CentOS.

At home, I can use NAT and Bridge. I can Putty using the IPs reported on the bridged connection.

However, since I'm a novice on VirtualBox, I decided to give VMWare a try and followed the instructions on the following URL to configure my 3-node cluster.

VMWare automatically assigns IPs and I can putty to those regardless of location. My cluster is using:

NN1 -
DN1 -
DN2 -

I can run HDFS commands, i.e.
#hadoop fs -mkdir /user/hadoop
#hadoop fs -put test.txt /user/hadoop


Due to kernel permissions, unless running as a super user, encryption cannot be loaded into the kernel by VirtualBox to set up a bridge on a wireless network. If however, you have a completely open wireless network, it should work. You shouldn't be running VirtualBox as a super user. If you run with a wired connection then VirtualBox as a normal user will be able to bridge your connection without further intervention.