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Recycle Bin

For how many days deleted records are stored in Recycle Bin? What is the exact answer?

In Dezyre pdf on Module 1 , its mentioned - Custom fields are stored in the recycle bin for 45 days.

1. I am not able to see deleted "Fields" in Recycle Bin.I can see only deleted "Records" in recycle bin.
2. Deleted fields can be seen in Deleted Fields Related list & not in Recycle Bin.
3.In SalesForce help , it is mentioned Deleted Records can be undeleted only untill 15 days.

It will be highly appreciated if you can clear all above doubts

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Deleted custom fields and their data are stored until your organization permanently deletes them or 15 days has elapsed, whichever happens first. Until that time, you can restore the field and its data. However, the field still counts against the maximum number of custom fields allowed in your organization.
Recycle Bin -- Holds the Deleted Record
Deleted Fields(on every object) -- Holds deleted fields.


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