Unable to install oozie UI


I am unable to unzip the zip file in /var/lib/oozie folder. I have downloaded the zip file in /home/cloudera/Downloads folder. But it says unable to find the file. Please see the error screenshot below. Please suggest a solution. Thanks.
[cloudera@localhost data]$ cd /var/lib/oozie/
[cloudera@localhost oozie]$ pwd
[cloudera@localhost oozie]$ sudo chown oozie:oozie ext-2.2.zip
chown: cannot access `ext-2.2.zip': No such file or directory
[cloudera@localhost oozie]$ cp /home/cloudera/Downloads/ext-2.2.zip
cp: missing destination file operand after `/home/cloudera/Downloads/ext-2.2.zip'
Try `cp --help' for more information.
[cloudera@localhost oozie]$ cp /home/cloudera/Downloads/ext-2.2.zip ext-2.2.zip
cp: cannot create regular file `ext-2.2.zip': Permission denied
[cloudera@localhost oozie]$

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hi Bhaskar,

I see the "cp" command is incomplete , please use the below format
cp /home/cloudera/Downloads/ext-2.2.zip /var/lib/oozie


Hi Bhasker,
Correct some command:
1. sudo chown cloudera /home/cloudera/Downloads/ext-2.2.zip
2. sudo cp -r /home/cloudera/Downloads/ext-2.2.zip /var/lib/oozie
where /var/lib/oozie is destination folder, you can change according to your requirement.

Hope this helps.