I am unable to see Datanode when i hit JPS


Please need help. i am unable  to see datanode when i enter JPS. Please assist

I only see below details:

hadoop@hadoop:~$ jps
5815 TaskTracker
5504 SecondaryNameNode
5044 NameNode
5920 Jps
5592 JobTracker



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Hi Aritra,

Please follow are the steps below to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

1. Stop-all the running hadoop services- $ stop-all.sh

2. Check the slaves file in configuration and make sure IP must be correct- /usr/local/hadoop/conf/slaves

3. Delete the HDFS - $ sudo rm -r /usr/local/hadoop/hdfs

4. Create the hdfs folder - $ sudo mkdir /usr/local/hadoop/

5. Assign permissions - $ sudo chown -R hadoop:hadoop

6. Format the namenode - $ hadoop namenode -format

7. Start the hadoop services - $ start-all.sh

Hope this helps.