Using Oracle Virtualbox on MAC 0- this is not a question an easy way to access the VM on mac


Folks who are using Mac machines , there is a simple way to access already spun VM provided by Prasanth.

Follow the below steps:

1) Download & Install Oracle Virtualbox

2) Open the Virtual box click New 

3) Give a name ,select the OS as Linux from Dropdown and make sure Ubunu 64 bit is selected as version 

4) Click Continue & in next screen set the RAM memory 

5) Click continue and in next screen  select the option "Use and existing virtual hard disk file " & click the folder symbol next to dropdown menu

6) search for the .vmdk file in the local folder where you would have downloaded the VM files from Prashanth's Google drive.

7) Click create & start the VM. You are good.

Hope it helps

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Hi Muthu,

Thanks for sharing the useful information with student.


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