File transfer to dezyre cluster from windows


inorder for file transfer from local windows to dezyre cloud cluster

i followed the instruction in File_Server_Winscp_Windows from  installtioln option 2 resources section 

and tried it from filezilla which i believe is similar tool like winscp

it gave the ppk file and other details but it says

i was also connected to openVPN as required and my putty connection to hadoop cluster works fine and issue only on Filezilla connection

Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error:    Could not connect to server

has the server or port or ppk changed? please assist

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so it looks like the filetransfer document mentioned as server need be updated to   inordet to be able to connect using winscp also ..


Hey Martin, are you using the VMware cloudera platform to connect to cloudera or are you uisng DeZyre Hadoop cluster.

If you are using DeZyre hadoop cluster for windows, is the link for Chrome extension working for you?


Chrome link was not working but the firefox worked


Hi Martin,

Please use the attachment document.

Hope this helps.


this document is for connecting to openvpn which did

i am able to connect to remote cluster using putty tool 


issue is which is How-to-access-DeZyre-HDFS-Dashboard

instruction document is not working and so not able to logging into Ambari dashboard tool since last 

week. please asssit 


Hi Martin,
Hope you have received email with new login details. Please let me know if you hav't got the email.