Marketing of question to Billy Mathew i really need answer from you only.- placement assistance in banking industry

Well from the day one i am confident that i am building concepts but when i see the website it all tells about iit ,iims faculty but nothing about placement .I have IIT friends who dont know finance but getting placements of 8-15 lakhs in investment companies .You are teaching us that and i am confident with my skills because of you but why the package or promise of high salary is lacking in DEzyre .Once i am done with the course i can assure i can give interview to Morgan Stanley or goldman sachs.I will do my best but can dezyre gives me guarantee of getting call from these companies.Make dezyre such as that these companies can take your student .In examples then we can use Dezyre topmost educational company balance sheet.Please do reply.I took this course and left my software developer job i believed you.So reply i will give my best but i want a job above 8 lac.

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Dear Sonia, thanks for your detailed question and suggestions. At DeZyre we focus on 2 things - giving you the relevant knowledge + career assistance through resume reviews, mock interviews, customized career plan etc. At the end of this process our students are better prepared for these jobs. However getting a job depends on many other things than just knowledge and a good resume. It also depends on open positions available, companies requirements for relevant experience etc. Many of these is out of our control and hence we dont provide a job guarantee. I will call you tomorrow to chat in detail and get more feedback on how we can provide more value to you.


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