Real Estate Investment - Home in Noida?

Say some bodiess goal is to have his own home in around NOIDA (NCR)in three years time.The present value of 2-BHK flat is approximate 35-38 Lacs. Cash in hand is 10-lacs. SIP of Rs 175000 Pm in diversified equity mfund is running.Taking 12% annual rate of inflation, what will be his financial liability towards loan EMI for acquiring this asset?

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The Q can be answered after the following are answered:

1. What is the annual rate of return u expect on the 10 lacs cash and the SIP for next three years untill the house is bought?

2. After three years when the person is ready to buy the house what is the interest rate you expect?

3. What is likely to be the tenure of the loan?


1. 8.5%
2. 10.5%
3. (A) 15 (B) 20 Two Options

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