How to check multicollinearity using python?

How to check multicollinearity using python?

How to check multicollinearity using python?

This recipe helps you check multicollinearity using python


Recipe Objective

How to check multicollinearity using python?

Multicollinearity mostly occurs in a regression model when two or more independent variable are highly correlated to eachother.

The variance inflation factor (VIF) can be used to check the multicollinearity.

VIF starts at 1 and has no limits. VIF = 1, no correlation beetween idependent variables. VIF > 10 high multicollinearity between independent variables.

Step 1- Importing Libraries.

import pandas as pd from statsmodels.stats.outliers_influence import variance_inflation_factor

Step 2- Reading file

df= pd.read_csv('/content/sample_data/california_housing_train.csv') df.head()

Step 3- Defining function.

We will define a function which will check the correlation between the independent variables.

def calc_VIF(x): vif= pd.DataFrame() vif['variables']=x.columns vif["VIF"]=[variance_inflation_factor(x.values,i) for i in range(x.shape[1])] return(vif)

Step 4- Showing multicollinearity.

x=df.iloc[:,:-1] calc_VIF(x)

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