How to deal with Dictionary Basics in Python?

How to deal with Dictionary Basics in Python?

How to deal with Dictionary Basics in Python?

This recipe helps you deal with Dictionary Basics in Python

This data science python tutorial does the following: 1. Creates your dictionary using Keys method. 2. Creates your dictionary using brackets and nesting method. 3. Accessing the elements of dictionary.
In [1]:
## How to deal with Dictionary Basics in Python
def Kickstarter_Example_56():
    print(format('How to work with Dictionary Basics in Python','*^82'))
    import warnings
    # Build a dictionary via brackets
    unef_org = {'name' : 'UNEF',
                'staff' : 32,
                'url' : ''}
    # View the variable
    print(); print(unef_org)
    #Build a dict via keys
    who_org = {}
    who_org['name'] = 'WHO'
    who_org['staff'] = '10'
    who_org['url'] = ''
    # View the variable
    print(); print(who_org)
    # Build a dictionary via brackets # Nesting in dictionaries
    unitas_org = {'name' : 'UNITAS',
                  'staff' : 32,
                  'url' : ['',
    # View the variable
    print(); print(unitas_org)
    # Index the nested list
    print(); print(unitas_org['url'])
    print(); print(unitas_org['url'][0])
    print(); print(unitas_org['url'][1])
*******************How to work with Dictionary Basics in Python*******************

{'name': 'UNEF', 'staff': 32, 'url': ''}

{'name': 'WHO', 'staff': '10', 'url': ''}

{'name': 'UNITAS', 'staff': 32, 'url': ['', '']}

['', '']

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