Recipe: How to find correlations among feature variables in R?

How to find correlations among feature variables in R?

This recipe helps you correlate the fields in a dataset to determine the relationship between them and pick the right features for modelling.

This recipe uses the cor (), cov (), rcorr() packages in R to establish relationships between the features. It then outputs a correlation matrix.

What is a Feature variable ?
A feature variable refers to the fields in a dataset used for analytics or machine learning. Feature selection, also known as variable selection is the process of selecting a subset of relevant features (variables) from the dataset for in model construction.

What is R ?
R is a programming language used for statistics and data science computing. R has very powerful libraries (almost 12,000) for performing data analytics including regression, classification, visualisation etc.

In [ ]:
# -------------------------------------------------
# How to find correlations among feature variables in R
# -------------------------------------------------
# load library and data



# Correlations/covariances among numeric variables 
# Use listwise deletion of missing data. 
cor(mtcars, use="complete.obs", method="kendall") 
cov(mtcars, use="complete.obs")

# Correlations with significance levels
rcorr(as.matrix(mtcars), type="pearson")

# Correlation matrix from mtcars
# with mpg, cyl, and disp as rows 
# and hp, drat, and wt as columns 
x <- mtcars[1:3]
y <- mtcars[4:6]
cor(x, y)

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