How to flatten a record to dataframe in dask?

How to flatten a record to dataframe in dask?

How to flatten a record to dataframe in dask?

This recipe helps you flatten a record to dataframe in dask


Recipe Objective.

How to flatten a record to dataframe in dask.

Dask arrays outline an outsized array with a grid of blocks of smaller arrays. we will flatten down this list by using list.flatten(). This technique can flatten a multi-dimensional array in python. These strategies are fairly new and solely works within the latest versions of recent browsers.

Step 1- Importing Libraries.

Before importing Libraries, sometimes We have to install their packages.

#! pip install dask[bag] import dask.bag as db

Step 2- Making a 2D list.

We will create a sample 2D list so that we can flatten it.

a = db.from_sequence([[1], [2, 3],[1,2,3,4,5,6,7]]) list(a)

Step 3- Flattening the list.

Now applying the provided function by Dask to the Sample array.


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