How to get antonyms of a particular word from wordnet?

How to get antonyms of a particular word from wordnet?

How to get antonyms of a particular word from wordnet?

This recipe helps you get antonyms of a particular word from wordnet


Recipe Objective

How to get antonyms of a particular word from wordnet?

As we have discussed earlier only about wordnet, lets understand about antonyms. Antonyms these are the terms which are opposite of a word, word that means the opposite of another word.

for e.g Fast antonym is slow.

Step 1 - Import the necessary libraries

import nltk from nltk.corpus import wordnet

Step 2 - Store the antonym in a empty list

My_antonym = [] My_synonym = []

Step 3 - Take a word

for mysyn in wordnet.synsets("fast"): for l in mysyn.lemmas(): My_synonym.append( if l.antonyms(): My_antonym.append(l.antonyms()[0].name())

Here we are taking a for loop which will generate the antonym of the word that we have taken

Step 4 - Print the result

{'ill', 'badness', 'evilness', 'slow', 'bad', 'evil'}

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