How to get week number and weekday from a date in R?

How to get week number and weekday from a date in R?

How to get week number and weekday from a date in R?

This recipe helps you get week number and weekday from a date in R


Recipe Objective

The date variable/column in a dataset is of utmost importance in terms of carrying out a Time series analysis and exploratory data analysis. ​

In R, most of the times a Date-format variable is read as a character type from any dataset. If you want to carry out any sort of analysis w.r.t dates then you must convert this character type variable to date.

In this Recipe, you will learn how to find weekday and week number from a date in R. ​

Step 1: Create a character variable in date format

We will create a character variable in Date format (YYYY-MM-DD) ​

date_1 = "2020-05-01" date_1


Step 2: Finding Weeknumber and Weekday

We use strftime() to find both Weeknumber and Weekday. It is Date-time conversion function to and from Characters ​

Syntax: strftime(x, format = ) ​

  1. x = a character vector or variable that needs to be converted.
  2. format = format for conversion: "%A" - for a weekday full name and "%V" - for a weeknumber
# to get the details of the function ?strftime # format = %A for getting corresponding weekday full name week_day = strftime(date_1, format = "%A") week_day
# format = %V for getting corresponding weeknumber between 1-53 week_num = strftime(date_1, format = "%V") week_num

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