How to make quiver plots using plotly?

How to make quiver plots using plotly?

How to make quiver plots using plotly?

This recipe helps you make quiver plots using plotly


Recipe Objective

How to make quiver plots using plotly? Quiver plots which display the velocity vectors as arrows at point "x" and "y" with the components "u" and "v". These plots vectors as arrows which are specified in each corresponding pair of elements in x and y at the coordinates. Without having the arrows shrink or overlap one another these plots can represent wide range of magnitudes.

Step 1 - Import libraries

import plotly.figure_factory as pf import numpy as np

Step 2 - Take Sample data

x_axis = np.linspace(-3, 3, 70) y_axis = np.linspace(-2, 2, 70) Y_cord, X_cord = np.meshgrid(x_axis, y_axis) u = 1 - X_cord**2 + Y_cord v = -1 + X_cord - Y_cord**2

Step 3 - Plot the graph

fig = pf.create_quiver(x_axis, y_axis, u, v, arrow_scale=.2)

Here in the above Figure: x_axis - x coordinates of the arrow location y_axis - y coordinates of the arrow location u - x components of the arrow vectors v - y components of the arrow vectors arrow_scale - value multiplied to length of the barb for getting the length of arrow head.

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