How to visualise a tree model Multiclass Classification?

How to visualise a tree model Multiclass Classification?

How to visualise a tree model Multiclass Classification?

This recipe helps you visualise a tree model Multiclass Classification

In [2]:
## How to visualise a tree model - Multiclass Classification
## DataSet: skleran.datasets.load_wine()
def Snippet_180():
    print(format('How to visualise a tree model - Multiclass Classification','*^82'))

    import warnings

    # load libraries 
    from sklearn import datasets
    from sklearn import metrics
    from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt'ggplot')

    from sklearn import tree
    from sklearn.externals.six import StringIO
    import pydotplus

    # load the wine datasets
    dataset = datasets.load_wine()
    X =; y =
    X_train, X_test, y_train, y_test = train_test_split(X, y, test_size=0.25)

    # fit a tree.DecisionTreeClassifier() model to the data
    model = tree.DecisionTreeClassifier(), y_train)
    print(); print(model)

    # make predictions
    expected_y  = y_test
    predicted_y = model.predict(X_test)

    # summarize the fit of the model
    print(); print('tree.DecisionTreeClassifier(): ')
    print(); print(metrics.classification_report(expected_y, predicted_y,
    print(); print(metrics.confusion_matrix(expected_y, predicted_y))

    # Create a dot file
    dotfile = open("", 'w')
    tree.export_graphviz(model, out_file = dotfile, feature_names = dataset.feature_names)

    # Create pdf and png from the dot data
    dot_data = StringIO()
    tree.export_graphviz(model, out_file=dot_data,  filled=True, rounded=True,
                         special_characters=True, feature_names = dataset.feature_names)
    graph = pydotplus.graph_from_dot_data(dot_data.getvalue())


    import matplotlib.image as mpimg
    img = mpimg.imread('tree.png')
    #img = misc.imread("tree.png")
************How to visualise a tree model - Multiclass Classification*************

DecisionTreeClassifier(class_weight=None, criterion='gini', max_depth=None,
            max_features=None, max_leaf_nodes=None,
            min_impurity_decrease=0.0, min_impurity_split=None,
            min_samples_leaf=1, min_samples_split=2,
            min_weight_fraction_leaf=0.0, presort=False, random_state=None,


              precision    recall  f1-score   support

     class_0       0.85      0.92      0.88        12
     class_1       0.89      0.85      0.87        20
     class_2       0.92      0.92      0.92        13

   micro avg       0.89      0.89      0.89        45
   macro avg       0.89      0.90      0.89        45
weighted avg       0.89      0.89      0.89        45

[[11  1  0]
 [ 2 17  1]
 [ 0  1 12]]

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