What is str function in R?

What is str function in R?

What is str function in R?

This recipe explains what is str function in R

Recipe Objective

How to use the str function in R? str displays structures of R objects. str are mostly used for displaying the contents of a list. str () is an alternative function to display the summary of the output produced, especially when the data set is huge. This recipe provides an example on how to use the str function in R.

Step 1 - Create a list

Create a list of required range and store it in a input vector

a <- c(1:8)

Step 2 - Use str() function

Summary of the of the list is obtained after passing through the str()


Step 3 - Create a list

b <- c("aaa","bbb","ccc")

Step 4 - Use str() function

Summary of the of the list is obtained after passing through the str()

 "Output of the code is :chr "aaa" "bbb" "ccc"  

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