How to write a custom function in R?

How to write a custom function in R?

How to write a custom function in R?

This recipe helps you write a custom function in R

Recipe Objective

How to write a custom function in R? There are two types of functions we can work with in R i.e - built-in functions - user defined functions i.e custom functions. Custom functions are created when we need a function repetitively in our code and are not readily available as a built-in function. This recipe displays an example of designing a custom function.

Step 1-Create a custom function

Let's say we want to calculate the area of a triangle with the given input's the base and height of the traingle

area_of_triangle <- function(base,height){ area=0.5*base*height return(area) }

Step 2 - Find the area

print(paste("Area of the triangle is : " ,area_of_triangle(10,20)))
 "Output of the code is"- "Area of the triangle is :  100" 

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