If you want to keep the value constant and drag it across into other cells you will use which formula if you want to copy the value of cell A2 into cell B2, C2, D2, E2?

pls answer

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Hi Mohan,

In B2 type in "=A2"

Then copy the forumla in B2 and paste it in C2, D2 and E2.

This should work.


I'm assuming you have a formula in cell A2 which outputs a value

I'm sure there are better ways to do this - but a quick way of doing this would be

1) In cell B2, I would write =$A$2
2) Then select cell B2
3) Then keep the cursor at right hand bottom of cell B2 and drag it to cells C2,D2,E2
Simply select cell B2 - then CTRL C
Then select cells C2,D2,E2 and CTRL V

Hope it helps


Thanks Priya. Your method definitely works better if he has formula in cell A1.