Can TALLY be used for the counter operations ?

Meaning - Can tally be used in the counter sales as a cashier or giving receipts in the counter ?

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read POS (Point-of-Sale) Chapter in Tally ERP 9 e-book or its Online Reference Manual. In the Online Reference Manual go in the Index and select alphabet P and look for point of sale in it. it will give you all the information you need.

I can send you the chapter on POS at your email if you wish so.


In order to balance (or settle) the cash drawer, first, the manager (or sometimes the cashier) prepares to count the money in the register. Counting the money is usually done in the back office: the drawer is removed from the register and taken into the office. By preparing to count the money, all large bills, checks and coupons and food stamps (if any) are removed and put to the side. Next, the person counting the money counts it back to its "starting amount." The starting amount is the amount of money that was in the drawer at the beginning of the shift. As this is being done, there will be additional bills and change that will be put off to the side along with the larger bills. Once the drawer is reset back to its starting amount for the next cashier's shift, it is either placed in the safe or given to another cashier that is starting their shift.


hi aachit ji. by bills do you mean rupee note bills?? and by checks are you referring to bank cheques?? pls clear my doubts