I Don't see all the commands like NameNode -format etc.

[cloudera@localhost ~]$ hadoop
Usage: hadoop [--config confdir] COMMAND
where COMMAND is one of:
fs run a generic filesystem user client
version print the version
jar run a jar file
checknative [-a|-h] check native hadoop and compression libraries availability
distcp copy file or directories recursively
archive -archiveName NAME -p * create a hadoop archive
classpath prints the class path needed to get the
Hadoop jar and the required libraries
daemonlog get/set the log level for each daemon
CLASSNAME run the class named CLASSNAME

Most commands print help when invoked w/o parameters.

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can you give us more information? I don't quite understand the question.


hi Raghav,
Looks like there is an issue on what hadoop commands can be executed. Here is one of the videos on the hadoop commands



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